Webhooks Events History

I’m working on an API which will listen to GitLab events.

If I wanted to see payloads of previous events from a particular repository, where should I look? I don’t seem to find them or if they are even available somewhere.

I know there are examples in the docs but, as stated here GitLab Webhooks documentation they lack full documentation.

I would like to work with real payloads, if it’s possible.

Well, regarding the payloads: I’ve found that if I configure a custom webhook URL pointing to where my API would be, I can test different events and see their payloads.

Sadly, this only gives me half of what I would love to have, which is a full documentation for every webhook and all possible values for fields like “status”, “object_type”, etc.

For the moment I’m just trying to trigger each event and see what the payloads are.