What is my artifact storage so high? How can I get rid of it?

I am trying to get my namespace storage <5GB, but I have one project that is using up almost all of the space because it’s artifact storage is 4.7GB.

We have pipelines set to run every push to GitLab, but the pipelines are quite simple: install necessary packages and run tests. The only artifacts we explicitly save are log files (usually only a few KB, if anything), and screenshots of failed browser tests (again, a couple of MB at most). We also have artifacts set to expire after 24 hours.

We have a small team, so even on our busiest day, we won’t have more than 15 pipelines run, and if each pipeline saves 5MB (way more than reality), it should be 75MB a day – which should expire down to 0 MB after 24 hours.

I recently unchecked “Keep artifacts from most recent successful jobs” in Settings > Usage Quotas > CI/CD > Artifacts but it had been checked for a year or so (since we started the project).

Other steps I’ve tried is making API calls to delete all artifacts in the project and I wrote a script to get all job IDs and delete all artifacts for each job ID.

Is it possible that we have GB of old successful job artifacts clogging up our storage? Is it possible to browse & delete artifacts manually?

Do you know if the delete all job artifacts also removes the job logs? They seem to contribute to the storage space as well.

There is also the erase job endpoint which can be used to remove them.