What is required to get hired by Gitlab?

Welcome, I’m a frontend developer with 4 years of experience interested in Jobs board offered by Gitlab to join work remotely.

Is there someone who can share his/her experience with some details and tips.

If you’re interested in a job opening at GitLab, you have the skills/experience required for the job, and the GitLab Values resonate with you, I encourage you to apply.

My experience is not typical, because I failed the technical interview the first time I applied for a job at GitLab. :disappointed: Then I spent months leveling-up my weak areas, applied again for the same role, and I got a job offer. :sunglasses:

Here’s what the GitLab hiring process looks like:

Frontend Engineering roles are covered in depth here: https://handbook.gitlab.com/job-families/engineering/development/frontend


Welcome Greg,

Thank you for making this clear and providing the related links, I selected some issues to participate on the GitLab Hackathon and I plan to focus interest in getting job with the remote company Gitlab after it and seeing the winners.

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