What is the meaning for ~190 CI pipelines on free account? Is 191st pipeline paid?

If I am free GitLab saas user and I am executing CI/CD of GitLab. In the free account, we get pipelines up to 2,000 minutes (~190 CI builds). So what is after that? Is my 191st pipeline is paid?

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You have 2 choices to use .com shared runners up to 2,000 minutes per group (or personal user) per month and to use your own runners. on .com. You could use either or both. When you use your own GitLab Runner(s), you do not have to pay anything to GitLab, Inc.

cf. Changes to CI pipeline minutes for new free users (Mar 18, 2020 - Sid Sijbrandij)
cf2. Resolve pricing page test

If you do not want to prepare your own Runners, you also can buy 1,000 additional CI minutes for your group with 8 USD. Once you pay, you do not bother lack of CI minutes :smiley:


Thanks for the response.


Note: afterwards, GitLab Team removed the description of “~ 190 builds” for 2,000 CI minutes on a single Free user/group at their pricing page. I hope this would reduce part pf unclear points on CI minutes on gitlab.com account.

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