What is the procedure to install GitLab using Apache (ISPConfig)

I am wanting to install GitLab in a VM running:

  • Rocky Linux 8, with
  • Apache 2.4 installed, with
  • web hosting managed by the ISPConfig 3 control panel.

ISPConfig is free and Open Source and takes care of a lot of the drudge tasks, including managing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, DNS, email, and a lot more.

I presently have Apache subdomains for:

  • NextCloud (another great Open Source project)
  • The primary home webpage as a WordPress site
  • Subdomains for forums and other services

All of the above co-exist as Apache directories such as /var/www/(sub)domain.

Not finding authoritative instructions on how this is to be done makes GitLab far less appealing as, otherwise, the expensive workaround I’ve been using is to create a separate VM for GitLab.

The only instructions I’ve found is a post 7 years ago under a howtoforge.com forum. However, I’d prefer to have authoritative instructions, or at least something authored more recently.

Can anyone point me to instructions on how to properly setup GitLab to work with Apache?

Hi, see this post, there are people in that thread that have posted the configuration that they used to get it working with Apache:

you may also wish to take a look at the very last post in that thread, that was made in 2021.