Where are jUnit report results shown?

I’ve set up CI in Gitlab (11.3.5) to run Pytest tests in my project. This is my .gitlab-ci.yml:

    - ./ci-script.sh
      junit: testresults.xml

The tests successfully run via the shell runner, and an artifact testresults.xml is produced by Pytest and uploaded:

Uploading artifacts...
Runtime platform                                    arch=amd64 os=linux pid=15392 revision=8af42251 version=11.4.0
testresults.xml: found 1 matching files            
Uploading artifacts to coordinator... ok            id=28 responseStatus=201 Created token=d_z8UEUw
Job succeeded

However, I can’t find where the results are shown on the web interface. They’re not on the jobs page (where that output is shown), nor in the page for the commit itself. Where should I be looking?

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same for me.

Docker CE 11.4.3 (adea99b)

I’ve found that in order to see them you need to have a Merge Request with that branch, as they’re shown on the Merge Request page.

From the documentation: “Then, when you visit a merge request, GitLab starts comparing the head and base branch’s JUnit test reports, where…”


Am I the only one to find this strange that only merge requests show JUnit reports? Coming from Bamboo, I would expect this view for every pipeline - how many tests were run and which ones failed.


I was trying to migrate from jenkins to gitlab, but then I should be able to see the junit report on every pipeline.

I am not sure why this is not possible out of the box

I have the same problem. I would like to see my Junit test every time the pipeline runs. is there an issue or a feature request for this on gitLab?

@victor.orrego see:

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Hi folks, Product Manager for the Testing Group here, I wanted to follow-up that JUnit reports on the pipeline page were introduced with GitLab 12.5 a few releases back. Thanks @detly for adding the other Unit testing related features we are tracking / working on to this thread above.