Where can I see my storage use at GitLab.com?

I just moved here from Bitbucket because 1 GB LFS was a bit small… And I can’t really find any statistics about my storage usage.

I can only see 1 number, after the number of commits, branches and tags. And it’s even incorrect because it says that “92 KB Files” are in my repository, while it’s obviously bigger than that because there is a non-LFS file with the size of 9 MB.

Where can I see how big my LFS is, and why is that previously mentioned number incorrect?
I think I misunderstood something :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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Since one of the only other semi-relevant items I can find on the subject is this seemingly abandoned request from 2017, it seemed reasonable to see an answer of some kind to a pretty simple question.

Even if the answer is “use the Gitlab API you clod” which is admittedly a perfectly good solution if you just want a number.

Thx Gitlab :heart:

@udvaritibor95 Is this project within a group namespace or your personal one? If the former then you should be able to get a storage breakdown by navigating to Settings -> Usage Quotas within the group, find the project in question in the list, and click the dropdown arrow next to it.

If the project is in your personal namespace then you can go here and do the same.