Where is the invoice of my certification exam?

My firm paid for a certification exam, and the accounting department ask for the invoice, but I cant find it on my profile - I just see the purchased item at
and the csv export with the same infos.
Where can I find a genuine invoice ?
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Same problem for me. Did you succeed ? Can you give me a link to the service ? Or just a link to email the good service ? Thank you

Please get in touch via email, following the suggestion on the support page on LevelUp.

Hi Stephane the first,
sorry I did not find anything

Hello Jerome :santa:

I have good news for you : I send an email at levelup@gitlab.com, and 2 days later, they send me back the invoice. I gave my name, address in France, email, and a file attachment of the Gitlab mail I received for confirmation order.

Nice gift for Christmas :star_struck:



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Bonjour Stéphane,
many thanks for your reply !

I just sent them an email :slight_smile: