Where runner's configuration is saved

I have simple question I guess.
Where is runner’s configuration stored (on disk) that is used after restart.
For instance runner’s project assignment.
Are we able to access it without user interface?

Hi @mkgituser :wave: Welcome to the GitLab Forum! :tada:

The configuration for GitLab Runner is be stored in a config.toml file. The location of this file may vary depending on what GitLab Runner executor you’re using and whether or not the runner is executed as Root.

For GitLab Runner Docker Executor installed via the instructions here, the GitLab Runner config.toml will be located in /srv/gitlab-runner/config/config.toml.

For other types of GitLab Runner executors, it could be be located in /etc/gitlab-runner/ (running as root), ~/.gitlab-runner/ (non-root) as indicated here: Advanced configuration | GitLab

If you’re not sure where to find the config.toml that contains GitLab Runner config on a Linux machine, the following command should help:

sudo find /srv /etc -type f -path '*gitlab-runner*' -name 'config.toml'
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