Where to view gitlab-ci.yml used by autodevops for project without custom gitlab-ci.yml?

I found this: https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/blob/master/vendor/gitlab-ci-yml/Docker.gitlab-ci.yml, but not sure if that’s the default gitlab-ci.yml that autodevops uses.

I have a docker project that I want to build. The autodevops defaults build it successfully, but I want to customize the tags that it uses to push to gitlab registry. I’ve tried digging around the UI, but can’t find where I can view the default template it uses. When I look at my pipeline, I see 7 stages (build, test, etc). I would like to modify this so that it does a build only.

Where can I find the template being used by Auto Devops for my project?

nevermind just found the templates section. I feel dumb

From the AutoDevops documentation:

If you want to modify the CI/CD pipeline used by Auto DevOps, you can copy the Auto DevOps template into your project’s repo and edit as you see fit.

That default template is where the stages you see in your pipeline come from.