Which executor on FreeBSD

I’d like to configure a GitLab Runner on FreeBSD to have a CI/CD for FreeBSD. I could not find any information about which executor type to use. My Linux runners are configured to use Docker but this does not seem to be supported under FreeBSD. Any help is appreciated.

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As far as I know it should be possible with docker. But you would be very limited to docker container running on freebsd.

Therefore I used VirtualBox executor on a linux gitlab-runner to run FreeBSD. I expect that the same should work on a FreeBSD gitlab-runner.

Following Add jails executor it should be possible to use Custom executor to run in jail, e. g. FreeBSD-CI. But I did not try this until now.

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And if you have a public project it may be an option to host it on github and use the github action FreeBSD-vm.