While upgrading gitlab version from 10.11.12 to 16.0.7, gitlab-ctl reconfigure failed

Error executing action ‘run’ on resource 'rails_migration(gitlab-rails)

Please copy/paste the screen output text - don’t use screenshots practically impossible to read.

If you stopped Gitlab before updating, then you shouldn’t do that. Gitlab needs postgres and other certain services running during upgrade.

If you are going to post, make sure you copy full output from the screen and paste it here and ensure it’s formatted correctly using the formatting tools. Also, explain more about your problem, because you practically do not write anything about what you did exactly.

We are not psychic, so you should provide as much information as possible.

The error says your DB isn’t running, but as @iwalker posted above, please provide all the steps you have done in as much details as possible.

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That doesn’t even look like a screenshot, but like a photo of the screen, making it even harder to read. Never post images of text - here or anywhere else.

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You might want to consult our online GitLab Upgrade Path tool:

It will show you paths between your version to current, or 10.x to 16.0.8. (or 16.x).

It works for GitLab-ce (Community Edition) and GitLab-ee (Enterprise Edition).