Windows runner blocks after successful java build

I have a pipeline which should produce windows and linux artefacts. I have a java project which relies on platform dependent libraries (javafx) and currently, there is no other way than to build it once on linux and once on windows.
When the pipeline gets started by a commit, it first executes the linux build (works), then the linux publish (works), then the windows build (starts) and then the windows publish, so its a sequentiel pipeline.
Unfortunately, the windows build does not finish. And i have no idea why.

I use the shared windows runners on The link to the problematic pipeline job is:

The gitlab-ci.yml is here:

i tried a couple of things (like using only one specific windows tag, putting everything in one job (build and publish) etc.) but it still doesnt work. it just times out. no idea what’s wrong - thats the last job

no one?