Wrong formatting in email notifications for issue due dates

Somewhere between 2022-04-04 and 2022-04-08 something’s happened with the formatting of the “header” in the due date notification emails. Instead of showing the text nicely formatted in HTML, it displays the text as a code block.

It should look like this:

Example’s issue #1 is due soon.

But instead it looks like this:

<a href="https://gitlab.com/Example">Example</a>'s issue <a href="https://gitlab.com/Example/repository/-/issues/1">#1</a> is due soon.

I was about to create an issue for this, but held off on that since I’m leaning towards that this is an issue in Mailgun, which GitLab uses to send these emails, and I wanted to post something here first to see if others have noticed this. I couldn’t find any previous post about this in forum or any issues for it in GitLab.


This issue seems to be solved now.