Yarn install from gitlab package registry not working with instance-level

I facing a curious issue when using Gitlab npm package registry on a private project.

Since I’ve lot of project in the group I want to use instance-level authentication to install package (I don’t want to manually set authToken for each project ID in my .npmrc).

And this work fine with npm, but I’m using yarn for a while in all my project and at this time use yarn add --verbose @myscope/myproject return Request failed "404 Not Found"

This is my .npmrc config :


Note that if I add the line //gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/<project-id>/packages/npm/:_authToken=MY_TOKEN in npmrc, it work fine, but I don’t want to put these line for every project I use, although obviously this is not necessary since npm work well without it.

Someone know what’s happen ?
La Gregance