13:create directory: mkdir /home/git/data/repositories/@hashed: permission denied

I have installed gitlab on my K8S1.15 experiment platform. After that, when I setup a new project, I got the following messages:
13:create directory: mkdir /home/git/data/repositories/@hashed: permission denied

The gitlab image I used is sameersbn/gitlab:12.1.6.
I used root account or git account to mkdir “/home/git/data/repositories/” then to setup a new project, the error was the same, somebody could tell me what’s wrong with it ? thanks a lot.

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Check the permissions of this directory :

  • ls -la /home/git/data/repositories

In my gitlab-ce, all files/folders seem to be git:root, you can correct this with :

  • chown -R git:root /home/git/data/repositories/@hashed


is there a specific reason not to use the official images but instead sameersbn/gitlab:12.1.6? This version is really outdated and does not receive any security updates anymore.

Its docs also mentions that it does install GitLab from source not being the recommended way.

In case you move over to using the official Docker images, please check here for instructions to fix the image permissions.


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I did what you told me to do like this:

It’s still the same error.

I’ll docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce to have a try, thanks a lot.

After I changed the image to gitlab/gitlab-ce, the problem seems solved.

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