2 Factor autentication requested, but not activated?


First, I know that this is a common problem, I am aware that Gitlab does not provide help since they changed their policy concerning free-user and 2FA, but I think this situation is a bit different:

I did not use my gitlab.com account for quite a long time (2, maybe 3 years). Now that I want to contribute to an open-source project I would like to connect back to this account. Forgot the password → reset it. Asked for 2FA ? I don’t remember having activated 2FA. No problem, I still have the SSH key. I use the command :

$ ssh git@gitlab.com 2fa_recovery_codes
Are you sure you want to generate new two-factor recovery codes?
Any existing recovery codes you saved will be invalidated. (yes/no)

An error occurred while trying to generate new recovery codes.
Two-factor authentication is not enabled for this user

So even gitlab.com tell me that 2FA is not activated. But still, they ask it for me to log on. I also have tried from another computer and there I get the usual invalid ssh key error, so I know that I have the key corresponding to my account…

Does anyone have an idea about this?

The only reasonable thing that I see is that my ssh key correspond to another account (been a long time, so maaaybe I have more than one account?). If so, is there a way to check to which gitlab account the ssh key correspond?

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, I have found how to get the username from the ssh key, and indeed this seems to be another account…

Now I would like to know which account name correspond to the email, but I guess that this is not possible for obvious security reason…

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