2fa without a smartphone & without ubikey

How can i set up 2fa for gitlab without a smartphone or a ubikey (i have none)?

Both of the linked possibilities have only smartphone support, as far as i can see.

I use 2FA on some sites with https://bitwarden.com/ which has a 2FA generator (in addition of being an overall good password manager)

Hi @koen,

Please go through below steps to achieve it:

  1. Visit Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. Then go to “Extensions” tab.
  3. Type “Authenticator” in search box.
  4. Select “Authenticator” extension, offered by [authenticator.cc].
  5. Click on “Add to Chrome” button.
  6. Now, you’ll get Authenticator icon(Which is just added by you) on the top right of your Chrome browser.
  7. Now, go to your GitLab accout page and click on “Enable two-factor authentication” button.
  8. Then, select the pencil icon followed by the plus sign within the Authenticator icon. (you can also choose “scanner”).
  9. Then again go to your GitLab page and crop the area where scan code is being available.
  10. Click on “ok” button from the pop-out.
  11. Copy the generated code from Authenticator and paste it in text box of “Pin code”.
  12. Click on “Register with two-factor app” button.

Warm Regards,