401 error GitLab Page with Namecheap custom domain

Hi, I’m having trouble setting a custom domain for my GitLab Page. I checked the other threads but didn’t find a solution that worked for me. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m getting

401 You don’t have permission to access the resource.

when accessing my domain https://julianenglert.me/ which should display my GitLab Page https://jenglert.gitlab.io/. Instead the, the URL redirects to https://projects.gitlab.io/auth?domain=https://julianenglert.me&state=HfynZl92Sz_Rb32AXpTmzQ==

My GitLab repo is set to public.

My domain is managed through Namecheap and I set the Advanced DNS settings according to this guide by Namecheap

@dnsmichi I saw you helped over on 401 error when adding custom domain to gitlab pages with Namecheap, could you maybe have a look at my issue?