GitLab Pages are not working

Hii there,

I am trying to setup GitLab pages for my project.
This project currently has had a pipeline complete that sends the public folder as an artifact.
I’ve set the visibility of the project to public and set the Pages option to Everyone With Access.

After I have done that, I went to Settings -> Pages and added a custom domain, which I’ve setup with my DNS provider and has been verified.

Now when I try to visit the custom domain, I get a 401 page:

When I try do access the page via the link (, I instead get presented with a 404 page:

I have seen plenty of people asking this around the internet but either they have not gotten any reply (so I hope I will… it’s worth the shot) or it came down to them not having set their page to public, which I have.
So I hope anybody here is able to help me out.

The only hint I have right now is a message saying the following:

GitLab is obtaining a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for this domain. This process can take some time. Please try again later.

But this has been standing there for about 2 hours now.