500 Error while git push pull

While git push pull we are getting below error:

efrror: RPC failed; HTTP 500 curl 22 The requested URL returned error : 500 Internal Server Error
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

Please help me as soon as possible.

Check your production_log for the actual error.

We are getting this error randomly.

We’re all users here … if you want urgent help you should contact GitLab and buy one of their tier packages or use their cloud service.

From the error it looks like you’re having LDAP search issues, so it’s searching for something that doesn’t exist but seems to be required. I would check the parameters you’re passing and excepting back.

The check only checks to see if it can connect, not every operation that could possibly run.

Thanks @aram_mirzadeh

Please check the below snapshot:

What is the error showing up in your production logs?

Hi @bheiskell

Please check below snapshot

It looks like the default timeout is 10 seconds:


You may want to bump that higher to see if it helps. You’ll need a gitlab reconfigure after that.

In addition, you probably want to look into why you’re hitting timeouts. Maybe the LDAP server is overloaded?

Hi @bheiskell,

Thank you for support. We are checking the solution which was given by you.
Today, I have seen the issue with Gitlab server, the LDAP server like. test.com which was not able to resolved by Gitlab Server. It was getting pointing with public IP rather then private IP of LDAP Server.

And after some time it was working correctly.

Could you please help in this scenario? because if we increase the timeout settings then if ldap is not getting resolved then it will take more time.

We have also checked the LDAP Server’s RAM, CPU and storage which is normal.

We are getting this issue some time.

Sorry, I don’t know how to help you further with that situation. I wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:

In the ldap setting:
Encryption you have ‘tls’, the option listed in the comments are start_tls, simple_tls or plain. Mabye try one of those.

For default ports ldap (389) vs. ldaps (636), depending on your environment use the appropriate one.

gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check

@sirmuttonchop but, we have checked
gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check command, it gives result as a success.

We have another gitlab working fine with the same configuration,