500 Internal Server Error (LdapError - start_tls failed: 52)


We are getting weird issues that causes our gitlab server to throw 500 errors on browsing to the page (or even trying to push pull. At first, ssl was setup and running for a while but I opted to change it over to tls after previous 500 errors. After a few days, it seems that we’re getting 500 errors again, but this time it’s related to tls. Seeing something like the following:

Net::LDAP::LdapError (start_tls failed: 52):
lib/gitlab/ldap/authentication.rb:37:in login' lib/gitlab/ldap/authentication.rb:18:in block in login’
lib/gitlab/ldap/authentication.rb:16:in each' lib/gitlab/ldap/authentication.rb:16:in find’
lib/gitlab/ldap/authentication.rb:16:in login' lib/gitlab/auth.rb:12:in find’
lib/gitlab/backend/grack_auth.rb:76:in authenticate_user' lib/gitlab/backend/grack_auth.rb:47:in auth!’
lib/gitlab/backend/grack_auth.rb:26:in `call’

Any ideas on this one?
git version = 2.0.0