502 error after re-running gitlab-ctl reconfigure

I made some changes to the configuration and then re-ran gitlab-ctl reconfigure. I now get a 502 error “Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond.”

Re-running the configure files was obviously not a good idea.

  1. What did I do wrong
  2. Any ideas on how to fix it?

:slight_smile: Thanks

Any ideas before I blow the install away?

Did you try to run reconfigure again?

gitlab-ctl tail might yield some useful info.

Sounds like a service hasn’t started again after the reinstall. What does gitlab-ctl status say?

I just got this problem after set some ssl configuration in nginx server
I reconfigure and restart my nginx (fyi, my nginx doesn’t listen to 80 or 443 so it’s fine alongside my gitlab)
I restart gitlab-ctl
but it still didn’t work
I restart my server, it works again :smiley: