Access Token with Curl is redirecting to log in page - Was working previously

I’m currently seeing an issue with Gitlab using access tokens.

For the longest time, I’ve been able to call my scripts via bash, ie…

bash <(curl -s -N --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: TOKEN" 

However, just now and all of the sudden, I’m seeing this:

You are being redirected.

I checked my access token and even created a new one to test, and tried one from another user, but they all redirect.

Any ideas?

Should be this problem:

Yeah, it looks like they completely removed the ability to use Private Tokens in this way, which really sucks for like the entire deployment workflow I’ve been building for weeks. I need to be able to pull specific configuration files via URL during deployment. I’m really surprised this change was made with so little warning, and I hope they change it back because it’s bound to break a lot of stuff for people.

Quoting one of the developers:

In short, everything should be done over the API if the API poses some limitations we are more then welcoming any suggestion or pointers on how to improve it.

As a result of the discussion on the original issue, a new one was created to regain the ability to do this:

Please feel free to upvote it and continue the conversation there.