Account Hacked - What do i do?


I just got an email from that my password to my account has just been changed. That was not initiated by me and sure enough, I am not long able to log into my account with my password.

What do I do in this situation? I’m unsure as to who i can contact to resolve this issue. any guidance will be appreciated.

thanks much!

I just got the same email ~10min ago, even though I log in via google oauth, and not with a password. I also have 2factor enabled… Checking my recently logged in sessions in settings, they all look like me.

I wonder if this email could have been sent in error? I can still log in via google account.

hmm… not sure what happened, but i just got another email (not initiated by me) saying my password has been reset due to suspicious login… i guess it’s time to change password …

Just got the same email… it seems odd to happen to both of us at the same time… I wonder if anyone else is getting these emails as well right now.

The same happened with me as well. I also got an email about my gitlab account password changing (was not me) about an hour ago. I cannot seem to change my password either since it says that the password token is expired everytime I try to change it.

Same happened to me. Got an email about 10 hours ago saying that my password had been changed. Manage to reset my pass and gain access to my account but feeling a bit insecure with this situation.