Account has been blocked; verified email, but still not working

I cannot login with google

Background: I used gmail account to login to gitlab. I have ssh access setup. One day, the message said that the account is blocked. I went to the web and asked it to send email to confirm it. I recieved a mail to confirm my email address. After confirming the email, I tried logging in. It said:

You have to confirm your email address before continuing. Please check your email for the link we sent you, or click ‘Resend confirmation email’.

Then, I entered my email address. It said:

  • Could not authenticate you from GoogleOauth2 because “Csrf detected”.*

I tried again re-clicking on the link in my email. It said:

1 error prohibited this email from being saved:

  • Email was already confirmed, please try signing in

I repeated the process a few times to validate that I cannot login.

I went through the forum. I tried the following:

  1. Went to the link given to have email resent: no effect. ( site).
  2. Tried a different browser: no effect.
  3. Removed other email ids from the browser: no effect.
  4. One of the messages said that after trying the methods suggested if it still did not work, I should raise a ticket: Did that around two days back. No response yet. (as suggested at Account has been blocked )

I am not sure if I can do anything else. My email id is [redacted].

Thank you,

Hi @kramarao! I have redacted your personal email address for the sake of anonymity - the GitLab team will be able to see that information if necessary!

Please check out this provided solution and let me know if it gets you closer! Thanks so much!

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My problem is solved. I got the confirmation email on the primary email and responded to that and it all worked out thanks to gitlab team, specifically

Cleveland Bledsoe Jr !

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