Activity page does not show repo events for the date you select

When I go into my activity page:<user_name> I get an really nice calender of my activity. I click on a day and get " Contributions for…" which is a highlights list of what I’ve been doing.

Unfortunately the “Activity” section does not update and I still see my activity for today. If I want to find out what I actually did on that day I have to go to the Activities tab and scroll down until I hit that day. It’s a pain because in the Activity tab it just says “5 days ago” instead of the date and it’s really confusing.

Can we have it so when you click a day in the Overview you actually get what you did on that day!

Like most people I have to do timesheets and Gitlab Overview would have been great at this unfortunately it’s completely useless.

Is there anyway I can get this information demarcated by day?

Hi @davidnewcomb

This works for me and I can’t see any relevant issues. Have you checked that it isn’t a browser issue?

This is what I see on Firefox and Chrome. As you can see, I have clicked on 14 Jan, the contributions are the correct day but the activity is not.

Right, so the Contributions header has the three contributions that you made on 14 Jan, and you can see on the graph that the tooltip also tells you that you made 3 contributions that day.

The Activity header, just shows your activity from today backwards, AFAIK it isn’t intended to match the Contributions information.

Equally, if you go to there’s no way to search or filter by date.

I see the problem now. I think it’s a product of the widget panelling on that page. I bet the commit overview widget is totally separate from the activity widget. The Activity tab just scrolls backwards through time.

Ok, so who do I need to talk/report to get a overview calendar thing on the activities page as well?

Exactly, yes, but I think it’s probably intended behaviour.

The place to raise an issue for it is here. Do post a link to your issue on this thread, then anyone who comes across this discussion can upvote your feature request.