Profile commit history disappeared


I recently saw that my gitlab account no longer shows my activity (commits) from most of this year. It only shows activity since November although I have been contributing to repos all year.

Please advise,

In Settings → Profile → Private profile do you have Include private contributions on my profile ticked?

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Hey @snim2,

Thanks for this suggestion!

Unfortunately this does not seem to be the problem. I have ticked the box to include private contributions on my profile, but my profile remains as it was before.

Anyrhing else i could try?

I’m really not sure. I can see from your activity log that you have made contributions before November.

Are you on a paid plan? If so you can open a support ticket…

Nope, currently on a free plan.

Is there any other way to get some traction on this issue?

Appreciate the help

@dnsmichi any ideas?!