Admin user is unable to view/list internal group

In the old version gitlab 15.2, after logged in as admin user (root), I still can view/list all internal projects in the “Explore public groups” menu. Even root user was not added to the member list of those groups.

But in gitlab version 15.7, the behavior seems changed. I am now unable to view/list any internal group that root user is not belong to.

Some screenshots showing that I still can see internal-khavo-group-999 even I’m not in that group’s members (gitlab version 15.2):

I would expect the new version 15.7 would shows the same internal groups as version 15.2 did, when I click to “Explore public groups” menu.

I guess it seems they fixed something, since Explore Public Groups would suggest that the group has to be “public” for it to show up on the list. As the group is “internal”, it doesn’t make sense for it to show up on a public group list.

I expect if it worked previously, that was a mistake. Ideally, it would be better for it to have a tab for say eg: Explore internal/private groups for it to show groups that are not public. However that tab doesn’t exist. Perhaps that is something that Gitlab is planning for in the future.

You could check to see if an issue exists for it here: Issues · / GitLab · GitLab and perhaps open an issue so that Gitlab Devs can explain the new behaviour or perhaps plans to show private/internal groups in a separate location.

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Hi iwalker,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have open a new issue for this: