[SOLVED] Internal Projects not displayed to logged users

Using: GitLab 8.10.2 in Ubuntu Xenial.

When I set the groups the first time, I set its default visibility to “Private”. After all was set, I felt it was too restrictive for our use, so I changed it to “Internal”. That way users can know which projects exists and they can apply to them.

The problem is that when they log in (using impersonation) , only the groups where they are explicitly assigned to are shown. How can I make it work?

General Settings:

Default project visibility: Private
Default group visibility: Private —> Internal
Restricted visibility levels: Internal

Group Settings:

Visibility Level: Internal
Allow users to request access: Yes (checked)

Project Settings (all are set with the same settings):

Visibility Level : Private
Allow users to request access: Yes (checked)


Can create group: No
Admin: No
External: No (not checked)

Thank you.

Sorry, my bad! Users needed to click on “Groups” and then “Explore Groups”.