Advice to divide Issue into todos or "subissues"?

Advice on how to divide an issue ticket into todos or subissues

Let’s say I have an issue ticket which contains multiple functions which needs to be implemented, in order to divide which part of the team does logic a in this issue ticket and which part of the team does logic b in the issue ticket.

What is good practice or best practice dividing this in gitlab.

Thanks in advance!


we use GitLab ourselves, and one use case similar to yours is organising an event. There are preparation tasks, speakers, marketing campaigns, social ads, track moderators, etc. involved - multiple teams have assigned issues to work on.

We use epics to group issues, sometimes also sub-epics to build out a more detailed tree. For timeline plannings, epics can be visualized in the roadmap too.

Specific example: We provided a webcast on CI Security this week. This epic organises everything.

Another approach would be to use related issues.