Sprint Planing with Gitlab

I’m looking to implement some organization of issues that will allow me to do things like:

  • Create epics (it looks like this is in EE Ultimate only?)
  • Assign estimation and completion values (story points, hours, etc)
  • Link issues many to one or one to one (it looks like this is perhaps available in EE?)
  • Create sprints to assign issues to it
  • Reports on sprint cycles (ex burndown charts), issues of varying types (bugs, features, etc), assignees, etc

It seems like some of this can be accomplished w/ Gitlab (depending on version) but much of it cannot. I considered the Jira integration but that appears to be an overly cumbersome way to do this since we would have to manage two separate tools that are only integrated in one specific way that may not account for many scenarios and creates a lot of additional admin work.

Are there solutions other people are using that they can recommend to accomplish this? Optimally we’d like to stay within the GitLab ecosystem just with extra tooling plugged in, but it’s not clear if this is possible.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!


I would like to achieve exactly what you described.
Did you find a suitable solutions?