After upgrading to CE-14.5.0 some image paths are incorrect

Running Gitlab CE-14.5.0 after upgrading from 13.0.10 using a URL with as structure. This means that Gitlab is configured to use a relative URL.

On some pages a few images are not loaded correctly. After inspecting the webpage with the developer tools in my browser, i noticed that the missing images are loaded by CSS files with the wrong URL. It tries to get these files from… instead of… which results in error 404 for these files. Any other file called by the webpage (not called by a CSS) from the same assets folder loads perfectly fine.

No errors in log files. sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check is all looking good

I have no idea why these file paths used by the CSS files are incorrect while any other file path is correct. It seems to be something related to the relative URL but I haven’t found a solution yet.
Maybe some of you have an idea.

If you need more information just let me know.