All my projects were recently updated by someone else

Hi, I’ve got couple of groups on Gitlab and each group has multiple projects. Today, I logged in and all my projects were updated few minutes ago.

I’ve checked my access tokens, but they haven’t been used recently (> month ago) and also there’s nothing new in “Activity” in all projects.

What was updated in my projects? Is my account compromised? Are my repositories compromised?

Does it say by who? Maybe some automation? Any recent builds / jobs? Interesting.
Are you on saas or self hosted?

No, it’s just that all my projects were updated.

Here’s a screenshot of my homepage:

Some of those projects have been inactive for more than 5 years. I am using Gitlab as SaaS, no automation on most of those projects, no builds & jobs, nothing. And if there’s some pipeline/job, it’s triggered on push to branch and I can see the commits.

The projects which were updated were across several groups some with other (than me) members, some groups is just me in them. Some projects were in one language, others in another language. I don’t find anything else common, but my account.

Some sorcery going on!
There is another post with the same issue

Don’t know if they’re related or not but can’t be a coincidence