project dashboard activity sanity check

Our company has a small gitlab account that we have been using for
sharing code. Recently (~thursday last week iirc) I noticed that
various repos that haven’t been touched in a year have been reporting
being updated.

As near as I can tell nobody on our team is touching things and was
wondering what was going on. This is probably something automated
touching old code, but I have seen behaviour like this in the past
when somebody has gotten an access token and is poking around, eg we
may have somebody trying to penetrate our systems.

Is there an activity dashboard somewhere I am not aware of that would
let me figure this out myself? Is it possible for somebody over there
to look at one of these repos briefly and tell me why they are showing
recent activity?

I have noticed the same thing, and among various projects, there are even archived ones:

certainly haven’t touched these for a long time, so perhaps there’s something else that is happening

See here for potential explanation: Why does a project show "Updated 4 days ago" when it hasn't been updated for three months? - #7 by iwalker

Also this issue explains more:"Updated at" time incorrect in list of projects (#432410) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab