Allow general browsing without signup?

I’m confident this is either obvious or has been documented somewhere before, so I apologize in advance. I just can seem to find the relavent setting in the admin area or by googling.

How can I allow anyone to browse my Gitlab CE instance without forcing them to create an account and log in first? The default installation presents a login screen to non users.

Again, very, very sorry if the answer is obvious.


Hello! On it’s possible to go through issues while you are not logged in by simply opening any group/project link instead of going directly to

E.g. by visiting group you can click on the issues button and see all issues.

, maybe something similar will work for you.

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Welp… you’re right.

While the landing/index page does present you with the dreaded login screen, it turns out that you can still visit public repositories and issues directly without logging in. You can even explore repositories without logging in by visiting the explore page directly.

Little Rant (Sorry)

The defaults are extremely unintuitive in my opinion. That a technically inclined person like myself couldn’t manage to get to any public repository does not leave much hope for a casual user who just wants to submit a bug report. Maybe it’s just my fault for not being antentitive enough, but I wouldn’t like to take that kind of chance with my users.

A Solution: Fortunately, the default login page can be changed by going to the Sign-in restrictions in the admin area, and setting the Home Page URL to https://domain/explore/projects or something more appropriate for a landing page.

The following image shows the location of the home page url field:

Thank you so much @dsumenkovic for the helpful hint!

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