Automatic redirection from /public to /users/sign_in


When we navigate to /public on our self-managed, community edition of Gitlab version 13.0.1 we are redirected to /users/sign_in and presented the error message You need to sign in or sign up before continuing. We host two separate instances and only see this behavior on one. On the other, this page can be viewed without being logged in. The .rb files are quite similar between them. The only major difference is we enable username and password and SAML authentication on the one experiencing the issue, while on the other only SAML is enabled. Does anyone know of a configuration setting that would block the /public page from non-logged in access?

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It seems I’m also observing a misbehavior regarding access to /public.

We have a GitLab instance that had no public groups/projects, and a couple of days ago we enabled public visibility for a specific project (e.g. Project1) and its parents groups (e.g. /Foo/Bar), and access to /public always redirects to /users/sign_in without displaying the list of public projects hosted by this instance.

If we explicitly load /Foo/Bar/Project1, then the project is correctly displayed with a non-authenticated user, and we can even browse the group /Foo/Bar up to /Foo.

My /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb is also pretty “standard”, and after reading through the various GitLab’s settings in the Admin’s Web UI, I do not seems to find a setting that could have an impact of the behavior of /public…

At last, it seems I found the culprit: even though I had a public project, the global parameter “Restricted visibility levels” > “ Public” was checked, thus preventing the display of the /explore.

I solved my problem by :

  • unchecking “Settings” > “General” > “Restricted visibility levels” > “ Public”
  • setting “Settings” > “General” > " Sign-in restrictions" > “Home page URL” with the URL to /public (e.g.
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@jerome.auge - Awesome! Thank you for sharing your solution with us! :blush:

@kmoschkau Let us know if this is helpful to your case as well! Thanks!