Alternative options of integration with Slack

Hello everyone,

I’m a part of the DevOps team in a big company, and we started to use GitLab a few months ago.
Everything is good, and I’m so happy to get a lot of new possibilities which provides the service, but there is one thing. This is about deprecating the Slack notifications integration, which is not so bad, but I can’t use the new GitLab for Slack app integration as our security team doesn’t allow using it with our company’s Slack. They restrict it as it has the functionality with those “slash” command for deployments etc. and the decision won’t be changed. So as a result, my team can’t configure notifications to our Slack channels about MR, Pipelines statuses etc.

I was trying to configure Slack notifications with Webhooks, but it doesn’t allow customizing HTTP requests like adding additional Headers and modifying the request data. It just sends a request which Slack API can’t accept.

I made a re-search and didn’t find any good solutions. At this time, I have only solution for Pipelines like creating jobs to send notifications about a Pipeline’s jobs statuses, which is a crutch from my point of view.

Decided to write about it here before going to the support and opening a feature request, as probably it’s unnecessary, and I missed or don’t know something.

Appreciate for help and any suggestions!