Is it possible to configure slack integrations using gitlab API?

Hi there,

I wanted to know if it is possible to set the notification/integration settings for slack in gitlab using the API ?
The goal is: for every new project not having to manually configure the slack settings.

  • project1 is created then it automatically creates the slack channel and configure the settings in gitlab/services/slack/ for that project.



I’m looking for the same information.
I’m using puppet to automatically configure the webhook for any existing repository in gitlab to trigger the r10k webhook in a push event.
I’ve created a custom fact that retrieves the list of projects in gitlab and set this webhook for each of them.
This works great but I’m now looking to do the same for the slack notifications at project level.
I couldn’t find information about how to do this via API.
I could write my own script for this but would need a reference about how to set it up with API calls.
It’s been a year since the this topic was created, so I guess it might no be possible.