Android instrumented tests emulator run fail

Hello. I`m trying to create my own .gitlab-ci.yml config for android, because default template totally useless for instrumented test with latest android sdk versions.

Config url

But I faced an error:
PANIC: Broken AVD system path. Check your ANDROID_SDK_ROOT

Android documentation says that the ANDROID_SDK_ROOT should point to android sdk installation path. My path is android-sdk-linux

I can`t realize what is wrong.

- export ANDROID_SDK_ROOT=$PWD/android-sdk-linux -> not works.

How to fix this issue? Or maybe where I can find a working solution for instrumented tests?

My fail. Forgot to install paltform-tools

Latest working version. Maybe somebody need.

Any compatibility details? I’m thinking of checking the system before installing with mobile device diagnostic software

We have also been working with NSYS for over a year now. Its pretty easy and fast to test devices with their software