API Send project invitation email

Hi there!

I’m willing to use Gitlab API to add a member to a project. There is an endpoint for already existing users , but I cannot find a way to add users which do not have an account yet.
It is possible to send an invitation email using Gitlab’s panel (like this), but is there a way to do the same thing with the API?

By advance, thank you!


@nicoslash I was looking for the very same thing myself.

I also wanted to use the same behaviour as:

I was considering creating a user, with reset_password : true

and then add the user as a member to the project - but it’s only for Admins

from what I understand, you can only be an Admin if you’re hosting gitlab on your own servers, correct?

Is there any news?
I need same thing: invite users to automatically created projects by email with api.
I have list of users emails and have to create repos for test tasks, and give access to created repo and repo with task sources to each user by email.
I have owner rights to project where I should create repos. But I don’t have any admin rights for gitlab itself.
Also I don’t know if user registred or not.
With All Best Regards. Anton.

It still seems like there is no progress on this…

I would love to have that feature, it would allow for a good integration with services like patreon.

@noasakurajin Based on this issue, it looks like this feature hasn’t been picked up yet.

It’d be great if you could open a new issue here to get the conversation started!