Invitation emails for users for joining a project never reach them

I just have created a project in my new gitlab EE account and after spending time to look for how to send invitation to new users (because i didn’t find a good tutorial for the web interface) i found that i have to add their emails in the user’s search box so i could see the invitation link (so i had to delete all users i have already created to add them in that way but no invitation emails reached any of them since more than 8 hours.( i have even created two users having one a gmail account and the other a yahoo account for the purpose of testing). Would you please tell me if any tutorial is available about the web interface ?

When i have been given the server, i also got an ssh access to the server hosting the web application, so i wonder if i could make every operation which was possible in the web interface via the shell (and btw, i wonder that i didn’t find git already installed there). So please if this is possible i would wish also to find any tutorial about it.

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Since you have GitLab EE, your best bet is to contact support at the e-mail that was given to you.

For emails to work you have to setup the smtp settings. Assuming you are using the omnibus package see the docs here

As for the git executable, it is bundled with the omnibus package at /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/git. You really shouldn’t need to perform any operation within the server. To mimic operations in the web interface you could use the API.

I have refactored the documentation so that it includes the send e-mail feature. See

It should be live in a few hours here