API to remove Project

Hello I’ve developed a small helper tool to remove repositories (aka projects).
So it is using the api to remove the repositories on gitlab.com. (should also work with Gitlab CE)

Appearently since 12.6 the project is only marked as “to be deleted” which currently takes a week.
The desired behaviour is to remove it immediatly.

There is this further information appearing like it would tell me what settings I could adjust to have said desired immediate removal:

And actually I’m quite confused about it.
There are these tags saying that a feature is in Core - not gitlab.com. Or Premium - not gitlab.com.
What does it mean for me, as my account which has been tested has the free plan for gitlab.com?
As I could not find these menues/options in my github.com settings. I’m rather clueless what is to be done to achieve the immediate project removal again.

Cheers, Lenny