Archiving subgroup projects

GitLab version: 12.9.0 (9a382ff2c82), standalone


Deletion of empty subgroup deletes also all archived projects of that subgroup (they have been archived separately, before deleting a subgroup).

Use case:

  1. have a project (1+) that sits under subgroup
  2. realize that all the projects in the subgroup are due to being archived
  3. want to archive whole subgroup (not possible)
  4. archive every project under this subgroup (possible)
  5. realize that subgroup still exists and is not archived, but it’s empty
  6. delete subgroup

What is desired effect?

  1. either subgroup can be archived, involving all projects within it
  2. or all projects are archived but still available, despite deleting the (empty) subgroup

What happens instead?

  1. subgroup is deleted
  2. all projects of this subgroup before archiving are deleted too! o_O (they can not be found in the GitLab at all)

I do not think this is something desired. Or is it? :slight_smile: