Hide empty groups

Problem to solve

Hide empty groups in groups / projects list.

When looking at the groups / projects list (https://gitlab.mycompany.com/a/group), all visible groups and projects are displayed. In this list, some groups contain only projects that were archived. Thus, these archived projects are displayed in “Archived projects” tab, but in the “Subgroups and projects” tab, the empty groups keep on being displayed (but I expect groups without any projects, archived or not, to be displayed in the same way).

Is there any way to hide all empty groups (= without any visible + non-archived projects) please?

Here is an example with a top level group containing 2 empty sub-groups:

Note: I fully understand it might be useful to see empty groups, mainly when you just created it and would like to add a project to this group. But creating a project is not a daily task (at least for me / us) and hiding those empty groups might be useful for us in order to avoid this useless pollution.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a group
  • Create a project in this group
  • Archive the project


I’m using a self-managed instance in my company, but do not have access to the configuration settings.


Please select whether options apply, and add the version information.


Thanks for your help. :pray: