Are the internal GitLab Docker registry endpoints stable?

From a variety of sources on the web, I have discovered that there is an internal API in GitLab to obtain information about:

  • the Docker image registries for a given username and project
  • the Docker images for a given username, project and registry

These endpoints are, respectively:


These are employed directly in the web app, using the GitLab session identifier. The documentation also refers to them, and I have discovered that personal access tokens also work here as well.

Accordingly, I have written an API to access this data, which I have integrated into a CI process (I check if an image hash has been pushed already, and if it has, don’t tag or push it again).

My question is, can I rely on these features in the long term?

(I have tried tools like reg, but while I can do docker login/push/pull, I could not get this to work. Another alternative would be formal API support, but I could not see any registry endpoints).