Docker Registry - List all images in registry

I have the Gitlab Docker registry set up, however I’m trying to develop my own orchestration tool outside of Gitlab to interact with it.

I know with a normal private Docker registry, I can hit its RESTful endpoints to get information:


When I try to do that with the Gitlab Docker registry, I get authentication issues due to the LDAP we’re using to authenticate against.

Is there a way to either give a user full access to the REST endpoints, or bypass the authentication just for that?

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I don’t know the gitlab authentication pieces very well, but isn’t there a password-based authentication alongside the LDAP auth? If LDAP goes down, I suspect there is still an admin login that can get in to gitlab, no? If that’s the case, why not just create another user using the password-based authentication for this purpose? Can you not use username/password-based authentication either?

Sorry that I’m not being specific. (See my first sentence.) Good luck.


I’m interested in this as well. As far as I can tell, direct API access to the Gitlab Registry is not enabled.

I have an alpha API to fetch registry and image meta-data, see here.