"Artifacts for pages are too large", although max-size is much higher

This is driving me nuts… For one our project the pages job fails with the error. I am using GitLab 11.4.5 CE.

pages:deploy - artifacts for pages are too large: …


although I already increased the max artifacts size to 2000MB. The actual folder I want to publish is around 213MB big (see the screenshot below). I also have a few other artifacts, but not more than around 50MB, so I don’t understand what’s going on here.

Sometimes I also get the warning instead, that the

pages:deploy - pages are outdated


Any ideas? Here are the last few lines of the log:

Did you increase the artifact size or the maximum size for pages?
The configuration is a bit hidden in Admin Area -> Settings -> Preferences -> Pages.
The default max. size is at 100mb.

I have the similar issue though, with an 50mb sized artifact and default settings…

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Yes I found it! Didn’t know that the pages artifacts are configured separately.