Hosting large (>1GB) site with Pages

I’ve got a large website that I’m interested in hosting on using GitLab Pages. It’s about 2.2 GB. Can I do this? While I’m curently at the Free level, I’m open to potentially paying for a higher level.

The first limit I see is that apparently a given project can only be 10GB. I think I’ll be okay there. I don’t expect it to grow much, nor to have any of the large files change.

The next pair of limits appears to be the maximum artifact size (which defaults to 1GB at and the maximum pages size (which also defaults to 1GB at At least using a free account, I don’t see any way to change these limits. The “maximum artifacts size” shold be in Settings > CI / CD > General Pipelines but is not visible in my project. I think changing the maximum pages size requires access to an admin area that I don’t think I have..

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