Asana integration stopped working on

We are using (free account) with Asana integration. This integration appears to have stopped working recently. Commit messages with #<asana_issue_num> no longer appear in Asana. I’ve tried to replace the API key by creating a new one on Asana but for now avail. Clicking “Save and Testing Settings” doesn’t provide any feedback therefore it’s hard to say whether the issue in on GitLab or Asana side.

Has anyone encountered this issue in the past few weeks?

We are using a local installation of gitlab and the synchronization seemed to stop working a few days ago (maybe about a week?)
According to the “test and save settings” in the gitlab UI, everything seems fine, but messages aren’t pushed anymore.
Did you find any solution to this problem?

I also tried to set up the gitlab | asana integration. It does not seem to work.
I followed the steps with creating an api key and setting it in the integration, then tried to trigger it through either adding # or the full url. Neither of them worked.
I assume it’s broken and the only workaround would be to create a manual webhook?

Hi @ForceZero! Welcome to the community forum! I am curious: were you trying to use the Unito instructions to set up your Asana/GitLab integration?

If so, it might be worth also reaching out the Unito support team (top right of this page). Of course you may be way ahead of me there.

Let me know what you have tried! Also, if you need help with building a webhook, let the community know! :blush: Talk soon!

Hi Linds,
Thank you for the welcome and your quick response!

My goal is to be able to automatically post git commit messages and sha to the Asana issue when the issue id is mentioned in the comment. It looks like that this was possible with gitlab before, without using a webhook and custom http request.

However I followed the tutorial for the Asana integration to achieve this and it does not work.

Unito seems to be for syncing between the gitlab issue tracker and Asana, but not for achieving what I try to do. Essentially this would require an extra step by finding out what the gitlab issue id is, including this one in the commit, and then it will eventually synced to Asana since the gitlab issue tracker will be updated. Since we use Asana as the primary issue tracking tool I try to find a way to add the Asana issue id without sending a custom http request to update the Asana issue, as the Asana integration in Settings -> Integrations claims to do.

Is there a way to do this through the unito integration?

Thank you for your help

I just tried out the Unito sync. It seems that I need to create a custom field in the Asana task, then set the mapping to the Gitlab issue number to be able to the the gitlab issue. Then I would be able to directly get the gitlab issue id from Asana.
However when mentioning a Gitlab issue the Gitlab issue tracker adds to the history of the issue that there is a commit now, but it does not comment on it. Also there is no mapping to allow syncing the history. As a work around a link to the issue can be directly synced.
However this means I that the additional step is still required looking up the commit history in gitlab issue tracker.

See In my limited usage of Asana, I only see GID in API calls. Is this value visible to you?